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Excerpts from Creation Telecall on November 9, 2011

Thanks everyone for a great call.  The magic is in you, presencing yourselves, each in your unique way, sharing the news, making each other sturdy in what it is to live a creation-based existence. 
Deb Merchant

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HCG Support Telecall on August 1, 2011

A call committed to you discovering more and more of what connects you to life and has you exist as whole.

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Powerful Out Past the Edge METAtelecall Wednesday, July 13th

Here is the link to the last Out Past the Edge METAtelecall Wednesday, July 13th.

Here are two shares from people who participated on the call:
"Want to share a little of my experience with the call. First thing is a welling up of a feeling of joy hearing the words "operating in direct connection to creation itself" yes, feel those times when I have
been aware of this. I had this image of a cloud or more clearly a mist of some sort and it enveloped me and i felt my connection - that i am able to draw on that mist to create. These words are the best I can do to explain how I feel about how I have created things that seemed impossible. I am so
happy to be learning what it takes to make this a way of living.

There were many insights that came to me this evening. Thank you very much. I particularly like the way you explain this as we go. Your choice of words paints a an exquisite picture for a rather illusive process." Judi M

This is a channeled response that came from a lovely man who was on the call  Reverend Bernard Goodman

Thu Jul 14. 2011


Yesterday evening I had the privilege and honor to listen to a teleconference given by Tantra Maat from "META POINTS". While I was listening I received the following information. Evidently, we r being moved forward.

I would like to thank Tantra Maat a celestial being of light, Sapphire who is a God fire, Dr. Rev. Irene Goldberg who is a berg of gold, and all of u who God sent to save this planet.

This information is dedicated to all of u:
What is coming is a stronger power of love. Evolution of our DNA will bring us to a new threshold of reality. This new DNA are higher strands to the future. A meta reality is on its way to us to enhance our civilization to a new level of occupancy and existence.

A future reality will be the addition of a Soul Reality connected to the meta future that is on its way to us, and for some, has already arrived.

With all of this are seeds of and to the future, which will be the topic of the/our next gathering in Santa Barbara on Sat Sep 24, 2011 at KARPELES Museum starting at noon.

We r all going into the future with a new direction and a new peace and piece of the Puzzle of Light that will bring us to a new us, a higher us, a better us, a more advanced us.

In the design of the future a new tapestry is in motion being created by a higher matrix of light and fabric, substance and truth, sustenance and movement.

There will also be, according to what spirit keeps saying, a compound of light and love restoring the old that works into the new being formed. This compound will allegedly house a million people of light, not all at once, but connected globally and geographically by design, communication and

With all of this will be a new and higher template for the future entering the soul of human, soul of animal, soul of the world to bring us all into a new fabric of life.

Our meta Self, the Self that exists outside the 3D parameters, outside the confines of Earth's properties and limitations will evolve into a new dynamic of existence and participation.

This will bring into view, into operation a new form of us. A more advanced super-conscious form. A new form of consciousness and reality. Creation to creation. Form to form. Light to light. Existence to existence.

A divinity anew will bring forth a new dynamic of life ... entering the soul of all of us. A communal soul. A divine soul. An extended soul into the future, into the destiny of planet Earth ... all of which u r a part of as this advancement, this journey continues to evolve in time and space going beyond the past and moving into the future. Moving all of us into the future that is there to come.

The GOD HUMAN of the future, the next evolution of human, some of whom have already arrived on planet Earth, contains all of the above.

Evolution is the path to the God Human for all of us ... for it is our destiny to become this God Human in ways perhaps beyond our understanding at this time. In other words, we will ultimately and eventually become this God Human being of light that supersedes anything in our past history of this planet including all the history books; all the past mythology and into the advanced and future and new mythology; and a new and greater mysticism of light that will bring forth a new dimension of light, of knowing, of doing, of being. In other words ... a new U. And this is a blessing not in disguise but in reality, in clarity, in achievement, and in creation.

And as an added bonus, it will find itself in future movies, in TV programs, in books, and in other forms of communication so that the education of the masses will be the future education of the masses and of the future masses.

This is a direction we r all a part of. It is our journey. It is our destiny. It is our purpose for being here at this time in this incarnation. It is the MASTER PLAN, the BIG PICTURE, the GOD PURPOSE of the future. It is the destiny of planet Earth that spirit calls PLANET PEACE where love is the only energy and peace is the only result. And this will be a reality according to those who know the future better than we.
And with all of this will be the summoning of the new energy to u just by being u. None of which u r in charge of.

To thyself be true ... the higher u ... the God Job u.

Signs will show the way. Sound will lead the path. Sight will see the road ahead.

The QUICKENING of the past will return at a higher level of movement.

SACRED GEOMETRY is just part of the frequency vibrational configuration and energy program to come. Higher PATTERNS OF LIGHT will come into view.

Activation of these new, higher frequencies r done by ur guides. A new language will emerge. A new science will be born. A new cosmic science will be introduced. A new presentation will be shown.

A new EARTH ACTIVATION will occur in our lifetime. We will see a new light, a new fabric of life and beingness emerge as the new u, the new us, the new all.

All of the above was given to me from the teleconference call by Tantra Maat of METApoints s talking I was receiving this from above.

I also found it interesting that her voice took me to a new and outer place. A higher place. Not a trance, but a place where it was interesting what I was feeling. Like I actually went somewhere wonderful and more than 3D. More than Earth. More than just now. It was quite fascinating to say the least. Evidently Tantra Maat is an incredible lady of light.

Somewhere in the future we will be going into a higher echelon of operation within ourselves and externally connecting with others to form a new beginning. A new thread of light to form ... to join many of us to a higher frequency of life, of existence. A higher vibration of being and then doing.

A new spacial (from outer space) technology will enter our beingness to advance us further into the cosmos of reality. Orchestration of spacial texture to become part of our future rhythm of connectivity, substance, and sustenance.

We r being re-made into something more than before. Love will become more than it was, more than before. I have to add that this is the first time in my awareness that I have been given the words and allowed to use the word "us" which I guess according to what is written here includes me. Usually I am always excluded from what I write or say. This is how I see myself. Always outside everyone else's journey and future. So I have to say that evidently what Tantra did was to bring me in ... into the future that we r all involved with. Into the future of light, of progress, of substance, of newness, of greatness more than before in the eyes of God.

And a greater appreciation for being here now in this incarnation ...not by accident, but rather, by design. By divine design by those who know more than we, those who r our guides, those who have lived here before and now carry the future within themselves and feed it to us from above, from
 around us, from within us. That this is a much bigger plan than before. That this is a new reality that we r beginning to experience. A new u. a new us. A new we.

And for so many years those who gave me information, those who feed me information and say what they say and do what they do ... and what THEY said about the second half of this year is that "no one will believe the second half of 2011". I have to honestly say that this is true for me and for others I am connected with. So I guess that what was given me to write above can also be true. May also be true. And since I have no idea what is true, I guess I, u, we will just have to wait to see what shows up for only by what shows up is what is true. And according to results that is what is true. So one could also ascertain, conclude, surmise that all of u r part of all of the above. And hooray for that ... for it has taken all this time to get to where we r now. And hooray for that too.

So I guess what we all need to do is "just trust" and "have patience" ... the 2 most challenging parts of our spiritual existence.
So go with God for He goes with you.

And to a greater future than the past, to a better future than the past, to a more advanced future than the past, I, WE above all say Namaste and God bless u all.

So with love and light, I remain ur ardent supporter of truth, justice, the American way, and the
God way for as long as THEY let me be this for which I am unendingly grateful. And since we r all in service, let it be known that we r in God Service to humanity and to all that lives on this planet for we came here to do a job only God could create ... AKA ... our GOD JOB. And so be it, and so
it shall be, and so it is. Amen.

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Deb's The Heart of It All Telecall June 6, 2011

Many thanks for the rich sharing regarding how creation based survival is showing up for some of the people on the call.  Feel free to share on the Facebook fanpage and the blog to facilitate all of us growing in this capacity.  To further restore your system to creation based survival, consider participating in the Foundational MetaStudy and in the Money Pod Series (for details call Dr. Irene at 614-940-1667 or visit  Love Deborah

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